Frequently Asked Questions

You have the questions, I have the answers! See below for answers to some frequently asked questions. Please click on the question to expand the answer. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me!
How do I reserve you for a photo shoot?2018-07-23T13:34:58-05:00
First you can start by sending me an email or call/text. As soon as we have decided on a date and time for your event you can pay the required deposit and you will be officially booked!
How do you describe your shooting style?2018-07-23T13:36:47-05:00
I love to capture real emotion, which makes you shots come to life, reflect you, and envoke a feeling! When you’re comfortable, that’s when you look the most natural.
Which locations do you recommend for a Portrait Session?2018-07-23T13:37:33-05:00
I prefer outdoor photography sessions, if the weather cooperates, but am open to indoor shoots as well. The best places to shoot are where you feel most comfortable, so you enjoy the session as much as possible. I’d love to talk about your ideas so just shoot me a message and we can get into the details.
How soon after the event are the pictures ready for viewing?2018-07-23T13:38:10-05:00
A sneak peek will be published on my Facebook page within one week after the shooting. The final editing of the photos takes 4 to 8 weeks.
Do you offer online viewing/ordering?2018-07-23T16:35:00-05:00
Yes, all our packages come with an easy to access private online viewing gallery so you can view and share your images with friends and family. The gallery will be available for a minimum of one year after publication.

For most sessions, you will be able to order photos directly from your private online viewing gallery, if you wish.

How high is the deposit? When is the remainder due?2018-07-23T17:17:58-05:00
For all sessions, excluding weddings, a deposit of 25 percent is due at the time of your booking. The remainder is due on the day of the session, prior to the shoot. For weddings, the deposit to confirm your booking is 30 percent of the full package price (for bookings over 12 month in advance 50 percent). The remainder is due two weeks before the wedding takes place.
Which form of payments do you accept?2018-07-23T17:20:10-05:00
I accept cash, cheque, and etransfer, as well as all major credit cards. If you prefer, PayPal is also available.
If we cancel our booking will we receive our deposit back?2018-07-23T17:21:21-05:00
If you end up cancelling, you will not receive your deposit back. This covers any loss in the form of lost bookings and any costs already incurred before the actual session. However, I understand that unforeseen events can happen, so I try to work on alternatives if possible – e.g. find a new date for a session.
I have a lot of time in between the events of my wedding day; will I be charged for this time?2018-07-23T17:40:38-05:00
The prices for my packages are set for consecutive hours of photography. This includes travel time in between locations, set up time, and any down time that presents its self with in the day due to the event timeline. I will use as much of the available time to get shots of the details and surrounding areas of your event. Otherwise I will be available and ready to go when you are.
Do you charge for travel?2018-07-23T17:39:47-05:00
For most sessions there are no travel fees. That being said, if my travel exceeds 100km (one way), I may need to charge a travel fee of $0.25/km, but I would make sure to point this out to you right away so you can include this in your budget.

For wedding packages, travel costs are included in the cost of the package. For Destination weddings, all expenses (travel, accommodations, etc.) would be the responsibility of the client.

Do you travel to meet clients?2018-07-23T17:38:46-05:00
Whenever possible, I try to arrange in person meetings (especially for weddings) within reasonable limits. If it’s not possible due to scheduling or distance, we can chat on the phone!
What additional cost(s) may occur?2018-07-23T17:38:08-05:00
All of my packages come with the option to receive digital files, so in this case there is no additional cost after the payment of the package. If you decide to order prints, your final cost will depend on your selection.
For weddings, all outside fees (permits, parking/venue fees, photo location(s), etc.) have to be covered by the client.
Do you have Liability Insurance?2018-07-23T17:36:29-05:00
Yes I do! If your venue requires special details I would be happy to provide them. Just let me know.
What type of camera equipment do you use?2018-07-23T16:38:54-05:00
I shoot with professional Canon equipment, including a full frame camera, zoom lenses as well as external lighting if needed. I always make sure to bring backup equipment in case something should not work as expected.
Do you provide digital negatives (RAW files) after the shoot?2018-07-23T16:39:17-05:00
You will be provided with edited images only. Each picture is carefully handled and edited by myself and will be a representation of my work.
What is the difference between edited photos and retouched photos?2018-07-23T17:34:20-05:00
All final images are edited for color, saturation, exposure and sharpness to ensure that each image is the best it can be. For retouched images I take things a step further by clearing up blemishes, smoothing the skin, and removing as much interference from the back ground as possible. This ensures that you are the star of your own photo, and not that stranger that unknowingly walked into the shot!
Do I get all the images you take?2018-07-23T17:31:58-05:00
I go through all of the images taken during a session and will take out the unusable ones first. I will then reduce the amount of duplicates so you can enjoy only the best of the best images. In the end, you will get all of the images that make it into the final collection.
What rights do I have to the digital prints?2018-07-29T16:07:49-05:00
If your session/package includes digital files, you will receive a print release with your selected image(s). This gives you the right to reproduce the image(s) for personal use, so you can use them for prints, sharing them on your social media, making canvases, etc. The copyright of the images will remain with the photographer.
Do you offer Gift Certificates?2018-07-23T17:29:50-05:00
Yes!! I offer Gift Certificates in any denomination. Perfect gift idea for people that already have everything!
How should we prepare for Portrait Session?2018-07-23T16:41:22-05:00
Good mood is the most important thing! Make sure you have enough time to prepare beforehand so you are not stressed, wear comfortable clothing appropriate for the weather(*see below) and be open to venture out. For kids, it helps to bring something to drink and some little treats to make it easy for them as well. We can go through specific questions before your shoot so we can ensure you are well prepared.

* What to Wear
Deciding what to wear in family photos can be stressful, as these are photos will be hung on your walls and cherished for years to come. It can seem overwhelming when considering what to wear but it doesn’t need to be. Use these tips to help you pick out the perfect wardrobe for you and your family.

Coordinating colors.
Long gone are the days of everyone wearing a white shirt and matching…..however this is fun too, so if you so choose, feel free! Even better, pick a couple of colors and choose clothes that will fit in this color scheme. If you choose a few neutral colors like gray and denim, you can add in one to two other colors to brighten it up. Adding in just one or two simple patterns with those colors in them can really tie everything together. *What we’re trying to avoid is people showing up in completely different attire, such as lime green shorts, or a hot pink polka dot shirt. These outfits would become the main focus of the photo, and we want everyone to be the star!

Don’t forget accessories.
Accessories not only add to your outfit but they can be fun to use in photos. Think fun necklaces, scarves, jackets, and sunglasses. I also love hats, vests, fun boots and even bow ties or suspenders. Even throwing these items in for a few shots will give lots of variety and character to the images.

Clean simple shirt.
Textures and slight patterns are good….I LOVE LACE! Words, pictures and slang are not…unless you DESPERATELY need to wear that old Metallica shirt, then I may make an acception. Otherwise clean, classic clothing will make the most out of your shoot, and make for the nicest look.

This brings me to my next point.

Think Timeless
Fashions and styles come and go. You want your family photos to be timeless, so it is best to aim for more of a classic look, not one that instantly dates you. These photos will be hanging on your walls and treasured for years to come. By choosing simple, classic clothes but making sure you add in some of your own personal style will you will help give your images a timeless feel.

What happens if we are running late or vice versa to our shoot? Will you extend the shooting time?2018-07-23T17:26:42-05:00
I like to arrive a bit earlier to our shoot, as I like to scope out the surroundings and get my creative mind flowing. If for some reason I am running a bit behind, I will do my best to extend the time.
If a client is late, I will do my best in the time that is remaining to get everything we need, but I can only extend the session time if I have no other bookings/appointment.
What if it is raining during an outdoor session or due to the weather, there is no sunset?2018-07-23T17:27:35-05:00
In the case of rain or bad weather we will have to improvise! Sometimes that means finding shelter or finding other creative ways to capture the moment. If the weather is potentially damaging to my equipment we will be restricted to areas where I can safely shoot. Bad weather is not a reason in itself to cancel a session, but if possible we’ll try our best to find alternative arrangement – e.g. change locations, wait the weather out. Rescheduling is a possibility, however there are no refunds due to weather.
Are you available to stay longer if we want to hire you for more time on the spot?2018-07-23T16:42:55-05:00
Depending on my availability, I may be able to stay longer if required. If I have other booking/appointments, I will have to respectively decline.
How long does it take until my final gallery is available for viewing?2018-07-23T16:43:17-05:00
Smaller portrait sessions take about 2-4 weeks until it will be possible to view them online, weddings 4-8 weeks. If your package also includes prints or albums, these can take a little bit longer. I know how excited you are to see the final images, so I do my best to provide you with the final product(s) as soon as possible.
Can I see some of my pictures right away?2018-07-23T17:23:51-05:00
Yes! For clients who would like to see a small sampling of their photos within the first few days, I do a “sneak peek” that can be viewed on our Facebook page. If you want to share your sneak peak with friends and family you can do so by sharing the post straight to your own page. Please remember to like and follow my page, so you’re able to see your sneak peeks and to be kept up to date on future posts!
Can you just email me a few images?2018-07-23T16:44:07-05:00
A lot of work goes into the images after the actual session is done, and it sounds easier to “just send a few images” than it actually is. If possible, I try to provide a sneak peek on social media, but otherwise concentrate very hard to provide you with your images in the promised time frame.
Do you backup your images? How can we be sure our images won’t get lost?2018-07-23T16:46:44-05:00
While editing, I make sure that I have multiple copies of your images at all times. I will also store your images for a minimum of one year, but please make sure you keep yours in a safe place as well, to prevent losing them. Printing the final images is of course the best way to preserve them, but we also recommend saving multiple copies in a safe place.
What if I lose my photo USB/CD?2018-07-23T17:22:04-05:00
In the case that you choose to have your images provided to you on a USB/CD and it becomes damaged or lost, it can be replaced for a $50 fee. However, I highly recommend that you make backups of your images so you always have peace of mind.
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